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10/13/08 09:10 pm - bezlimitchyk - my little photoblog)

1/17/08 02:49 pm - aorthah - NEW LJ!!!


ROOMDARK is a side-project of the oldest noise musician in Belarus – KARAOKE VOMIT.

Keywords: klick`n`cut; noise; ambient; experimental; glitch

4/16/07 09:35 pm - nova_photo - NOVA PHOTO

Hello All

My photos aren't about artistry I am not necessarily a photographer.  I am more of a historian.  I am taking pitures of Northern Virginia, it is a sort of ethnography of the location rather than the people.  I would appreciate comments on the content of the pictures and how the theme is coming together rather than the quality of the photos.

Please add me and watch what I come up with.

3/22/07 11:47 am - aorthah - HAZE

I wish to present you the new web-zine-gallery h-a-z-e.org, devoted to the modern art of Belarus: photo, painting, music.

yasta gont in flesh

2/9/07 04:49 pm - shashinka - Shashinka Ichi

Osaka, Nippon

I am shashinka, a photojournalist, but I do not limit myself to just the news. I also do travel photography both domestic and international, as well as maritime, transportation, (rail, mass transit, and aviation.) architectural, landscaping and art. But for the most part, I am a press/photojournalist with most of my background being newspaper work, though I have done street as well. It's pretty well rounded as far as my past goes, but maritime and railroad has been what I shoot off the clock when not doing and press/photojournalism. project_obscura, add_me_photog and photo_school are the three communities that I run.

On top of all that, I also enjoy service (military, law enforcement, fire/rescue) photography as well. I would like to do more portraiture, model and nude work though someday. I have an abstract sense of imagery similar to the style of Helmet Newton. Other influences are Tim Page and Henry Cartier-Benson. At the current time in my photography career, I am currently working as a US Coast Guard Auxiliary Photographer for the National Photo Corps and Department "A" Public Affairs. I think that wraps thing up pretty nice and neatly. Or, I hope it does. I suck at writing intros.

2/4/07 07:38 pm - artisterik - ArtIsterik

click on my photo!
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